A Reflection: Blogging about Blogging


One of the most critical steps in the learning process is reflection. In order to reflect, we have to somehow capture what we’ve been learning so that we an go back and think about our learning, make connections, and allow for some transferability of the information to new learning experiences.  As I look back at the EDUC x580 Teaching Practicum and Reflection course and read some of the discussions in the forums, I realize that many of these discussions would be great to capture and save because they are so enriching and speak to what we are striving for: deep learning. What better way to capture your explorations, emotions, findings and thoughts than a blog?! You can ‘take them with you’ when you leave, continue to build and add to the learning and begin to make connections and transfer knowledge.

When I was a student in the Certificate for Faculty Preparation (CFP) program, I tediously copied some of my discussion posts because I had put so much of myself into them that I wanted to save these thoughts to reflect upon. If only is started a blog then, instead of digging through my Evernote notebooks trying to locate particular topics!

I am guessing that each student in this course had a different experience with their blog in this course. The image above “spoke” to me as I envisioned these unique experiences, of different colors and shades, size and shape.  Even though we have been on this journey together, we each connect to the various aspects differently.  Another reason that it is a great activity because it is personalized for the creator.  For me, my experience has been enriching, to say the least.  I have learned more about each of you individually through your blogs. I have learned more perspectives and information through your explorations.  I have begun to write more regularly again- yay! Most of all, I have found a venue for not just sharing content, but sharing thoughts about processes that I can share with others.

As for the future, I hope you each continue to add to your blog with your new journeys in learning in teaching.  Maybe a next step would be to create a blog for your class? Or maybe have students create their own blogs? Next semester, I will be using a class blog and adding students as content editors to create a central source of information that we can share and build upon.

Thank you to each of you for taking this leap and joining me in this blogging experience in EDUC x580!  Happy blogging!



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2 thoughts on “A Reflection: Blogging about Blogging

  1. I enjoy the reasons blogging is important to this author. Ms. Rose does something that I also do, copies discussions from the online forums that she would like to revisit to reflect upon later. Sometimes, filling word doc upon word doc is not a functional way to organize thoughts and ideas that you may want to revisit at a later date. I never thought about a blog as being good source of both your comments and the comments of others that you may want to revisit later, to reflect upon more deeply. I really appreciate this new side of blogging being brought to my attention.

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