The Last Day…

What do you do on the last day of class? Is it time for ‘business’ and getting the last tasks done? Or is there opportunity for critical reflection and closure?

reflection on water

Making the Last Day Meaningful is focused around the idea that the last day is just as important as the first day of class. Being intentional and thoughtful about what this learning space includes is key to students’ learning and experience. Would love to hear your ideas about what you do on the last day of class…

Disrupting Learning Through Mobile Exploration

Excited to be facilitating a workshop on mobile learning at the CSU Symposium on University Teaching this month @CalPolyPomona! Get ready to go mobile in this session!

Here’s a sneak peek: How can we disrupt learning through discovery and exploration in ways that allows learners to engage with the world around them?

student using iPad and iPod for studying on a car road trip

Mobile Learner by kvlayton, 2015

Mobile technology allows this reach beyond the four walls of a physical classroom. In the Mobile Learning Scavenger Hunt activity, learners work together to discover and capture a variety of objects/visuals that represent motivational appeals closely tied to the emotions, needs, and values of their audience in persuasive speaking and writing.  Find out the results of students’ learning performance, as well as what they walked away with ‘beyond the grade’.