Have you ever?

Have you ever taken a risk on something knowing that it was probably a long shot? This thinking can be applied across a multitude of contexts, but I am thinking about this in relation to learning. In essence, no matter where we are and what we are in, we are forever learning (even when we don’t realize it in the moment, or can’t put our finger on it). I am fortunate enough to be in a constant state of learning in my professional role working in a Center for Teaching and Learning. Every day I take risks and put myself out there (or choose not to put myself out there) based on varying contexts and experiences. Just last week I took a risk by trying something new that was outside of my comfort zone, and although it felt scary, I knew that it helped me grow. Sometimes taking risks means waiting, sometimes it means jumping right in.  Think of time when you chose to wait as opposed to jumping right in — what did that feel like and what was the outcome?