Moving Through Time…

So many thoughts and time is racing…
One of the things that sticks out the most for me right now was something I heard recently from Dr. Luke Wood: “We are in the midst of two pandemics: a health pandemic and a racism pandemic”. In so many ways this is (and has been) woven into my personal and professional life — the work that I am deeply passionate about, and am deeply impacted by every day. I write this speaking with the acknowledgement of the many privileges that I have as a white, educated, cisgender female who walks in the world having not experienced the historic and ongoing violence, oppression, and daily microaggressions that many people endure. My passion is to make change, use my voice, use my action to push against and dismantle. I feel a deep sadness and emotional exhaustion exacerbated by the health pandemic and the ongoing “racism pandemic” and yet it is my privilege to push through.

One of the aspects of education that I continue to reflect upon as I facilitate online faculty development in preparation for fall teaching and learning (and possibly spring, and what I would say ongoing pivot), is how many barriers have prevented and are preventing students from accessing and engaging in meaningful learning. Right now, more than ever I feel that the most essential thing we can do is to be there for our students. We can get caught up in what tools to use, how to prevent cheating online, how to get students to show up for a Zoom class, and every other detail in education, or we can spend time thinking about and planning for how we are going to connect to our students, support them, and care for them. This includes those 1-1 connections, connections to their peers, and connections to their lived experiences. This is one of the reasons that my exploration into humanizing has been so impactful for me as a developer/educator, but even more so as a human being. I will continue to unpack this in future posts.

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