Kim’s Portfolio of Instructional Design, Teaching, and Faculty Development

Instructional Design

Here is a snapshot of recent coursework

Systems Analysis ENGR 313

In this hybrid course, communication is critical. Piazza, a free, web-based tool created by Stanford students, is utilized to support a robust  communication platform that provides everything from sharing announcements, Q&A, homework support, job opportunities, discussion, class statistics, and more.

sample Piazza course homepage

Earthquake Country GEOL 106

A fully online Geology course that gets students thinking like a geologist. An Online Readiness Questionnaire and Class Expectations Quiz with an Academic Honesty Pledge are just two activities that create a solid foundation for online students to begin their coursework.

sample online readiness assignment

Academic Honesty Pledge for students to submit in a class quiz

Fundamentals of Communication COMM 100

In this fully online public speaking class designed around the theme of food, students are required to have a video recording device to record presentations. Students post their presentations and receive feedback from team members and instructor.

weekly page in online speaking class

Story Through Image and Word TA104-  Digital Storytelling Project

Each semester, Theatre Arts 104 has a Digitial Storytelling Project, which utilizes Team-based Learning (TBL) to build community, create a sense of personal connection and motivation with the core concepts, and guide students in understanding and applying story through words and visual. Students utilize images, text, and audio to create their video on Animoto.

sample screenshot of student video

eLearning Community

The eLearning Community was developed to support faculty in online course design and facilitation best practices. This fully online collaborative development focuses on a number of topics including mobile learning, copyright, and design.

eLearning community homepage

Certificate for Faculty Preparation in Higher Education

The Certificate for Faculty Preparation in Higher Education is a fully online program designed to support teachers/future teachers in learning how to teach effectively in higher ed. I am the instructional designer/developer for all four courses in the certificate program.

four courses in the CFP program


Professional Development for Accessible Technology

As part of the Accessible Microsoft Word Training for the California State University Chancellor’s Office, I co-designed and developed the system-wide training materials for use across the 23-campus system, as well as a train-the-trainer model for campus’ to adopt.

Viewing Styles video for Accessible Word Training



Fundamentals of Communication COMM 100

In my public speaking course, students experience a hybrid format that supports their learning prior to coming to class, as well as reflective practice after class. An online, visual syllabus includes key elements of the course.

visual syllabus for communication 100 course

Teaching Practicum & Reflective Observation – EDUC 580

In my Teaching Practicum and Reflective Observation class (culminating course in the Certificate for Faculty Preparation in Higher Education), students’ learning is facilitated via a fully online environment as they put to practice their own teaching and reflection.

Education 580 course page

Faculty Development

Institute for Student Success

Semi-annual campus wide professional development event to support faculty, staff, and administrators in efforts to increase student success.

Mobile Learning Special Projects

Working one-on-one with faculty to incorporate best practice mobile learning strategies/activities to enhance learning and increase engagement in their classrooms.

Faculty Learning Communities

Facilitating learning communities for faculty based on active learning, mobile technologies, mobile learning.


Open Educational Resources (OERs) Collaborative

The OER Collaborative is a cross-campus group of faculty, staff, and administrators who have come together with the goal of providing quality, affordable educational materials for students.  The Collaborative has four working groups focused on a variety of strategies to support the campus movement.

Training & Professional Development Collaborative

The Training & Professional Development Collaborative is a cross-campus group of staff focused on the creation of a data-driven training site to create efficiencies in campus training.

STEM Pedagogy Action Committee (STEM-PAC)

The STEM-PAC is a group of STEM faculty and staff committed to exploring and evaluating alternative learning and teaching strategies.

Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT)

The QOLT Program is a California State University initiative that recognizes exemplary practices in teaching and learning, and includes an evaluation process to  improve quality and effectiveness of hybrid and online learning. As the campus coordinator, I facilitate, promote, mentor, design and develop training, and evaluate online courses. At the CSU level, I have been involved in design and development of QOLT training.

QOLT Training Course for Faculty Mentors

The QOLT Training course is a self-paced course designed to support faculty mentors in applying the QOLT Evaluation Rubric to their own course, as well as their peers.  The mentor structure is in effort to empower faculty to teach other faculty in online best practices.

Quality Online Learning and Teaching training course page

QOLT Campus Coordinator for Recognition Program

The CSU puts out an annual call for course submissions to the be recognized for exemplary online learning and teaching practices within the system. As campus coordinator at Humboldt State University, I coordinate, promote and lead efforts in course evaluation and submission.  In 2013, one our courses won the system wide award for exemplary practices.

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