Serious About Ed Tech? Tidbits for thought…

A recent blog post on the idea that we would do a variety of things “if we we were really serious about educational technology” inspired me to think of other paths we might take to pave the way for further support of educational technologies to create 21st Century learners in a digital world.


  • How can we provide real-world learning experiences to prepare our learners with skills and competence in a globalized society where technology pervades throughout? It is is true that technology is fundamentally changing the way we live and work. If this is true, then why wouldn’t we weave technology throughout the educational experience in ways that are both meaningful and relevant.
  • In higher education, in particular, it is important to first look at the campus culture in relation to technology as it has a powerful influence over academic transformation (Brown, 2015). How are our students already using technology in their informal learning? How do faculty feel about the use of technology in the ‘classroom’? How does the administration view technology? This is key to understanding where and how to begin our work so that we create a shared vision of a learner-centered environment that not only supports the 21st century skills/experience, but encourages them. This can only come with institutional support of innovation in both pedagogy and technology
  • Communities of practice can be instrumental in building confidence and allowing time/space to explore.
  • Include students in exploration! This not only gets at the heart of what we are doing, but provides further experience for the learners.
  • Create a governance group that is active in looking at emerging technologies to find their value in learning and teaching, while also providing ‘voices’ in academic technology integration, knowing that we can’t always do everything.
  • Last in the tidbits, but certainly not the end or least important, is the overarching idea that technology for technology sake is not the focus here. Technology as it supports the learning and teaching is the focus.


M. B. (2015, November 11). 7 Things to Know About Leading Academic Transformation | NextGen Learning. EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative. Retrieved April 02, 2016, from

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