What about a new LMS?

What does it mean to a higher education institution to transition to a new Learning Management System? What opportunity can we glean from integrating a new campus wide technology? What inspires people? How can we make technology fun and innovative?

So many questions to consider in this change!  I believe that this transition provides three overarching opportunities for an institution:

  1. reinvigorate faculty passion for teaching;
  2. create a community of learners across the institution; and
  3. begin to change the culture of how faculty view and use academic technology for learning and teaching

tech is the campfire

Each of these overarching opportunities present more opportunities within.

First, think of it as a way to ignite faculty passion for learning and teaching by using the transition to a new technology as a means to rethink their course design and facilitation. As we partner with faculty to migrate course content, it is a perfect opportunity to re-look at course design whether from the ground up, aligning activities and assessments with learning outcomes, or simply modifying existing activities to improve community, engagement, and learning that will ultimately support student success.

Two, the collaborative teams that facilitate migration will encompass many units that work together while also creating partnerships that extend to faculty and students. This is a significant opportunity for building community efforts in change. This is noted as something very important to a 21st century learning institution. This is the community model that we strive for with our students; an institution where they feel belonging-ness.

Three, higher education has been noted to have fear and sometimes resistance in terms of technology. This is an opportunity to begin to shift that thinking as we move toward a culture of innovation and exploration. Using the learning management system tools that support collaboration and engagement for example, rather than having folks get caught up in the “pains” of moving to a new technology, hence adding to that culture of fear. Instead, cultivating a  “working together” model that is both supportive and even fun, can be an opportunity to use technology differently and even more effectively.

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