mLearner hard at work!

studying with iPad and iPod while travelingWhat better way to stay on top of her engineering homework?!

A recent trip to San Francisco didn’t stop my oldest daughter from getting homework done. Knowing that we wouldn’t have cell service, much less wifi access, on the windy roads to SF, she took several screenshots of flowcharts in her engineering course so that she could ‘take them on the road.’ She plugged into her favorite tunes on her iPod and propped up her iPad against the dashboard and got busy with her notes while looking at flowcharts. Don’t worry — she wasn’t driving!

I am always thrilled to see how truly savvy students of today are! If they don’t want to take a huge load of books with them while traveling, download/take pictures of notes, get the eText version. My other daughter, also in college, told me she loves the search feature in her Kindle app when reading her nutrition text.  She says she can go straight to the source of what she needs by using the search. Can’t do that with a hardcopy!


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