Co-Teaching Opportunities

Co-teaching is all about building relationships and sharing practices and knowledge.

A few years ago, when I was taking my final course in the Certificate for Faculty Preparation Program, I had the unique opportunity to work with my mentor professor in not only a mentor/mentee capacity but also a co-teaching arrangement due to some unforeseen circumstances.  Although I had been teaching for sometime, and co-facilitating workshops/training for years, this was the first opportunity I had to co-teach in a semester-long class. It was invaluable!  I learned more from working with my mentor in the actual classroom than I did in any research and/or trainings I had experienced before.

When the opportunity arose for another co-teaching experience, I jumped on it! Co-teaching with Jill in Education 580 has offered me so many valuable “tools’ to add to my teaching toolkit.  We began by working on course development and sharing our various perspectives in the set up of the fully online course. We shared strategies in building community and maintaining presence in the course, while allowing students to connect with one another.  Our work together also offered many “bonuses”. We both teach in Communication so shared everything from lesson plans to ‘lessons/experiences gone bad’. I feel like I was rejuvenated with new ideas to add to my own classroom/teaching. We also both lean toward the hybrid classroom model and were able to project this in this course. We continued to build our relationship and trust in each other, rather than the competitiveness and ownership that tends to exist in teaching.  We went through the process of constructing new knowledge together in this learning journey, which in essence, was what we were asking our students to do. This was magical.

If I ever have the opportunity to co-teach again, I will jump at it!  Thank you Jill, for all the experience and insight you brought to our experience.

Welcome to EDUC 580 from Kim and Jill


Six Steps to Successful Co-Teaching

One thought on “Co-Teaching Opportunities

  1. Kim – I love that you used the word “rejuvenated” because that is exactly what good co-teaching does for me. When you are working with the right partner, you experience (or at least I do!) a sense of energy and renewed excitement for teaching as you share best practices and commiserate on strategies gone wrong. Thanks again for a really great experience!

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