Creating Awesome Online Discussions

Good ideas to expand online discussion away from “busy work”


We can use the discussion tool for so much more. With some tweaking, we can make a fairly boring tool into something that is engaging for students and increases the depth of student learning.

I had the pleasure of giving a presentation called “A Tour of Blended Learning Ideas” with Maria Peraino (@marperaino) at the ‘On the Rise K-12” conference this year. Several of the ideas that Maria covered involved creating better online discussions for students so that the use of the vLE isn’t dreaded by students in the same way it often is by teachers taking online AQ courses.

“Ahhhh I have to respond to three others that wrote about the same thing!! I can’t take this anymore!!”

If our students think that discussion posting is useless and not at all entertaining, it likely means that it is useless and not at all entertaining. We know this…

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