Lessons/Presentations Worth Viewing


In this TEDed Lesson on Using Video to Reinvent Education, the Think questions start with some basic recall/foundational questions and then build into tapping the personal self into the concepts. These are followed by exposure to additional resources and discussion.  Although the lesson itself is focused on high school, it could be modified to fit higher ed.

Another of my all-time favorite teachers/presenters is Sir Ken Robinson. His style, grace, and effectiveness speak for themselves: Changing Education Paradigms

A third, because I just can’t help myself was a TEDTalk that I saw a few weeks ago with my oldest daughter as we sat alone (very rare with a family of five!) eating dinner together. This talk, All it Takes is Ten Mindful Minutes, not only reminded me how important those ‘ten minutes’ are in my busy life, but also how engaging and inspiring a speaker can be.  Puddicombe has very strong rhythm and easy pace to follow, emphasis on his key points, pauses to give listeners time for processing, and fluid transitions that connect his main points. So, I can’t juggle, but there are many other methods out there to consider with student engagement.

Don’t miss some of Sugata Mitra’s talks, one of particular interest: Build a School in the Cloud

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