Open Educational Resources

free the textbook by opensource.comAs always, times-are-a-changing!

In order to better support my students, I am looking for not only new and innovative ways to engage them and encourage their deeper learning, but also looking for ways to reduce educational costs for them and expose them to this big world of resources out there.  Enter Open Educational Resources (OER).

During the Fall 2014 term, I will not be teaching, but working hard to transform my hybridized public speaking course to not be so dependent on my current textbook.  I have found a great OER (as I still believe in the value of reading for my students) that I will use as the foundation for the course, while I build around it.  I plan to blog my journey here, so check back for more updates later!


OER Resources:

Flipboard as a Textbook

OER Commons

Community College Consortium for Open Ed Resources

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