Online Study Groups

word cloud using words related to groupsStudy Groups

As an online student, you may feel a bit “isolated” at times, because you may not physically see your instructor or classmates. Getting involved in a study group can bring you more connected to your classmates, as well as support you in class activities and assignments. Studying in groups offers students an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and to gain new perspectives on the course material. In the online environment, meeting in groups may look and feel a little different than the face-to-face classroom. Your group may decide to create a Facebook group to “meet” and discuss course assignments/projects. Or maybe you might “meet” via Skype, GoogleHangout, or GoogleChat. How about using a mobile app such as Wiggio? The overall idea here is that there is an endless amount of online tools to support your groups; be sure to find the best-fit for your group.

5 Reasons to Join a Study Group

  • learn on a deeper level
  • make more efficient use of your study time
  • improve your listening and presentation skills
  • gain new perspectives on the material
  • learn to collaborate productively with classmates

10 Study Group Success Tips

  • Keep group size at 3-5 people
  • Set a regular “meeting” time
  • Communicate
  • Set clear goals for each study session
  • Establish ground rules for staying focused
  • Study group members must actively participate in the class
  • Rotate the leadership for balance

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