Impromptu speech topics

ideas for impromptu speeches


A lot of lists are available for impromptu speech topics. My topic list evolved regularly. I typed it up recently for someone on request and wanted to offer it here as well.

At the start of the semester, I would choose a topic then ask a question for the students. Later in the semester, I could just read the topic and let the students run with it. If you have a reluctant group, you could stick with the questions.

The persuasive topics can be a bit more difficult so I only used them for the last few days of the semester for the few students that had to finish up their impromptus. For the persuasive impromptus, I would give the students two topics and let them choose one.

Informative topics:

Web sites – what’s the best web site that we’ve probably never heard of?
Video games – what’s the best…

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