Supporting 21st Century Students

A critical component of today’s learning is supporting and connecting to our 21st century learners.

Students today need skills and knowledge built upon critical thinking and problem-solving. In order to include these types of learning opportunities, consider the 7Cs of skills needed in the 21st century environment:

  • collaboration
  • critical-thinking
  • communication
  • creativity
  • curiosity
  • computing
  • cross-cultural understanding

Students of today want an independent, personalized learning environment that supports these skills needed in our present world.
Ways of learning are different today then they were even five years ago. We are a very data rich society and online learning is “not about replacement” for the face-to-face classroom; it’s about adding to our educational system. – change what you are doing, so focus can be on improved learning; use technology as an edge that can explain something better


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